Why I Love Agnes & Dora Styles

Why I Love Agnes & Dora Styles

I love shopping! I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true!

There was a time that I dreaded shopping.  Being a plus-sized woman, attempting to find cute, trendy clothing that actually flatter my body was extremely difficult. Why do stores feel larger women LOVE peg-legged jeans? So, I bought peg-legged jeans, because that was what was offered to me. I have been plus-sized since early marriage. I was a foster parent for about seventeen years. Foster parenting is not for the faint of heart. I quickly learned that I eat my feelings. I ate my feelings to the tune of about seventy pounds. I’m still working on this habit.

Going shopping means getting into a tiny room with an armful of items, hoping they will work for my frame, just to be left frustrated with itchy fabric, ill-fitting designs, and sadness.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel like in some way, it’s my fault that things don’t fit right.  I feel like my body is the problem. If only I wasn’t so fat.  Or, if only I wasn’t shaped like this or that. If only I could change my hips or lower stomach.

Then I found Agnes & Dora

Agnes & Dora offers so many different styles.  It has been easy to find styles that work with and flatter my body shape. I have found styles that conceal or flow over the lower stomach that I am so self-conscientious about, layering pieces like dusters and cardigans, that create long lines to help lengthen my look. The fabric is also amazingly soft. Agnes & Dora strives to keep on trend with current styles, so I always feel stylish. In the past, I was never accused of being stylish, but lately – I am constantly complimented on my style!

Once I found this company – I knew I wanted to be apart of it. My husband and I opened our own A&D boutique. Now I get messages from other women, many who are also plus size, thanking me for helping them feel beautiful.

Extra Motivation

While I feel beautiful, stylish, and comfortable, Agnes & Dora clothing has motivated my weight loss journey. I thought, if I feel beautiful in XXL, I bet I’ll feel beautiful in an XL! So, over the last eighteen months, I have lost about 40 pounds and now wear a L or an XL in A&D, depending on the style.

The quality is on point. The styles are current. The fabric is very soft. The plus-sizes are just as flattering as the smaller sizes.

What’s not to love about Agnes & Dora?

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