“You my friend! I want you to be successful foremost. But more importantly you do it right in
every area of business, it works for me!” 

– Susan

“I can’t imagine supporting anyone else. I like all of my A&D purchases but I especially like that they come from your store.” – Kristina

“Personal attention, variety.” – Sherry S

“I know you & you “get” me! I think you do a fabulous job!” – Denise F.

“helps guide you to correct purchase. fast service. stands behind her products. she is fun to do business with. makes you feel good!” – Susan

“Fun, well-made clothes that fit all sizes.” – Rebecca

“Thank you for making me feel beautiful today!!!” – Mandy

“The way you promote your business is great. All the different ways to look at the clothing is perfect. It’s always so nice to see you and talk with you. I love coming over and trying things on and we both can talk about if the items looks good or not and what works well together. Just
keep being you. I’m not going anywhere! :-)” – Sherry B.


“You are absolutely amazing! I got my shipment super fast, and when the spot on the cardigan didn’t come out you were so diligent finding a replacement ❤️ You’re the same size as me-it’s refreshing seeing the clothes on someone my size so I can see how they might fit. Keep doing
what you’re doing!! I only get a small amount of money to spend on myself so I hoard it. But now that I have more of an idea of what fits me, I’m going to be buying more clothes from you
❤️❤️” – Emily

“You’re fun, friendly, and not pushy! Continue doing what you’re doing. “ Anonymous

“Your kindness and personal attention to help keep me in style! You do a great job! You give attention to your customers and I like that you tell the truth about the clothes and what body types they look good on. I know everyone is different and you do a great job helping me find pieces that will look good on me. When I say I think something might not look right on me because of my body type, you help find something else that would look good. I think you know your clothes and how they fit and feel. Great job with explanations of your clothes. I like that you send me pictures of outfits on messenger too!” – Miranda

“your fun and make me feel comfortable” – Carol

“Service attitude, friendly, cheerful, specials” – Sue C.

“Help with picking outfits. Continue to bring clothes with pockets. 🙂 Also love the colors and variety.” – Cara