How We Support Each Other – Motivation & Accountability

How We Support Each Other – Motivation & Accountability

Supporting Each Other

When it comes to reaching goals and making dreams come true, motivation and accountability are two important ingredients. These two important ingredients are also helpful when it comes to a successful weight-loss journey.

I’ve been on the weight-loss struggle bus since I was the age of twelve. I didn’t need to lose weight at twelve, but I wasn’t built like my very tiny framed friend and my uncle called me fat – so – in my mind I needed to change my body, right? So, I went on diet after diet, ate my feelings, and tried all the different exercise programs until I had a weight problem. I continue my ride on this struggle bus, but things have been getting a bit easier, as I have found some new motivation through the Agnes & Dora clothing line.


I am motivated when I see how the different styles compliment my body. I am motivated when I can size down as the pounds continue to come off. I am motivated when I see myself develop my own personal style and find confidence in how I look, thanks to Agnes & Dora. So, I decided to become an Independent Sales Rep for Agnes & Dora.

Another perk to being a Rep is that I have been lucky enough to gather a wonderful group of women on Facebook who support me and my small business. I didn’t want the group to be all about sales, I wanted to see how best to support these women in their goals beyond fashion and style.


Last year I asked the group about New Year resolutions and – no surprise – many of the women are focused on health and losing weight. Since being an Independent Sales Rep for Agnes & Dora, I’ve held two weight-loss challenges in my Facebook group. We have had a great turn-out for those challenges and have seen a lot of success. But many women don’t feel comfortable taking a picture of their scale for the world to see, and other women are focused on other areas of health. So, this year, we are going to try something different to see how we can further motivate and hold each other accountable.

I am asking women to post what they are working on for four weeks at a time. Every Monday, the participants will post their triumphs and their disappointments. After four weeks, I will choose one lady who has posted every week, to be a winner of $50 shop credit!
I’ve seen so many women encourage each other and support the highs and lows of losing weight and getting healthy on this forum that is supposed to be about buying clothes.

So, if you are needing motivation and encouragement – join us on Facebook, Agnes & Dora by Carrie Craft. Find motivation in beautiful clothing designs that are also super comfortable, and appropriate for work and play. If you are needing accountability – join one of our challenges! Find support and understanding as we all share our highs and lows. It’s a lot easier when we are also looking amazing in our Agnes & Dora!


Join my Facebook Group here – for women only.

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