According to Google, I’m middle-age and have been for a few years or so. Through my forty-
something trips around the sun, I have been through a lot, as a daughter, wife, mom, sister, and
friend. Lost my mother to cancer at twenty, found a sister at twenty-three, lost a child at forty-
one to Meth, birthed a daughter, provided foster care for the state of KS for sixteen or so years,
and adopted three children. I have lost about fifty pounds over the past few years and discovered
a clothing brand that makes me feel attractive, no matter what I weigh. So, I decided to invest in
that clothing company and start my own business.

This site is about tying everything together and sharing those lessons learned, ways I’m still
growing and learning, and resources I’ve found. Here you’ll find the following:
Blogs that focus on:

  • Various foster and adoptive parenting topics.
  • My weight loss journey and struggles.
  • Fashion and personal style.
  • My journey as a contractor and entrepreneur.
  • The importance of self-care and personal development.

Online workshops that focus on the same topics.
Links to my Agnes & Dora shopping site and FaceBook Group where you can find all the cute
styles you see here.
Styling consultations at bit.ly/DiscoverMyStyle

I hope you join me as we continue our journey. Remember to extend grace to each other and
yourself, along the way. Sometimes as we travel around the Sun, that light will either help us
grow and bloom, or scorch a few petals, but if we love and support each other, we’ll find that the
journey is not so bad after all!

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