Because Growth Doesn’t End at Childhood

I have grown a lot over the past two years. I have more confidence.  I believe that I am beautiful.
I care more about how I present myself and feel that I have discovered my own personal style. I
know that I can create a system or a plan and follow through. I have lost over forty pounds and
am still losing. I am so thankful for this growth and for this journey, a journey that I am still on.About

I was inspired to be more diligent with a weight loss program after seeing several pictures of
myself at a presentation.  Along the way, I found a clothing brand that helped me to feel
attractive, no matter what I weighed, but feeling good in my clothing motivated me to really get
serious about losing even more weight.  So, I decided to invest in that clothing company and start
my own business.  My husband and I raised four children, biological and adopted. We also
provided foster care for 17 years.

Grace from others is the only way I could have gotten through the past twenty years.

Today, I continue to train others to be foster/adoptive parents and design
customized curricula on a variety of subjects related to adoption, foster care, and self-care for
both online and face-to-face workshops and trainings. I have only recently learned to give myself
grace. I hope the lessons that I learned through my journey, and the beauty of Agnes & Dora
clothing, can help other women to also give themselves grace as they continue to grow and
blossom in any way they wish.

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