Just Bloom

Just Bloom

Why I chose Just Bloom

Nike tells us to “Just Do It.” Face the fear. Get it done. No matter what, to just press forward daily. That’s what “Just Do It” means to me. Then there is, “Just Bloom.” Just Bloom is beyond getting it done.

Blooming speaks to more of a process, a transformation. There is a plan and steps that are followed when a flower blooms. Blooming is natural and full of beautiful organization. “Just Do It” almost seems haphazard in comparison. “Just Bloom” to me, is also giving you permission to be uniquely you, just like flowers in a flower garden.

We expect flowers to bloom, and they do, in their own time. Is it your time to bloom?

Flowers need sunlight, water, and proper nutrients in the soil. Environment Is also important!

So, ladies! What are you waiting for? Bloom where you are planted!

What does it mean to you – to bloom where you are planted?

How is your environment? Are you comparing yourself to others? (Don’t compare your flower to any other flower in the garden. It will only steal your joy, comparison is the weed in your garden – so – root it out!) Maybe you’re unhappy in your work?

Are you giving yourself the proper nutrients to bloom? Are you speaking kindly to yourself? Taking care of yourself?

Are you giving yourself permission to bloom? Be you!!

What do you need to bloom? Is there something missing in your life?

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